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About fundraising

Easy Fundraising Ideas for Schools & Kids Groups

Get a huge 20% commission when you do fundraising for your school or group with Bright Star Kids range of Labels. It's free and easy to join.

Register for Fundraising


  • 1. Get 20% commission for every order!
  • 2. Free to join with instant access online
  • 3. No hassle, paperless program that's easy to manage
  • 4. No nasty sales targets or bulk ordering required
  • 5. Keep track of your sales and commissions in your account

Download an info kit

It’s a great idea to hand out fundraising flyers in your school starter kits, so people will have plenty of time to buy labels before the new school year starts.

Email Sign-up Tip: It's a great idea to create a free fundraising email address for your fundraising group, e.g. yourgroupsname@yahoo.com. This will allow you to simply pass on your fundraising account at the end of your term.

Redeeming Commission

At the end of every month, 20% of your sales will be automatically added to your account as store credit. You will be able to redeem this amount when you next purchase online, which may work well if you were to take cash orders from your group. Alternatively you can request to have your commissions paid into a bank account for a lower commission rate of 15%.


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