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Tiny Pencil Labels

For 40 Labels
These super durable personalised Tiny Pencil Labels are perfect to stick to all your tiny items, ideal for pens, pencils or anything else that can easily get mixed up. These labels are great for both kids and adults.

Qty: 40, 80 or 160 Labels

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Steriliser safe
  • Freezer safe
  • No peeling, curling or fading
  • Lasts for years

Stop your kids losing their school pens and pencisl with these personalised Tiny Pencil Labels.

Tiny Labels are made from high quality vinyl so they're 100% waterproof and can be used in dishwashers, microwaves and sterilisers without any issue. As these labels are very small, only one line with a limited amount of text can be printed.

Label Size: 4cm (1.6") wide x 0.5cm (0.2") high

You can also find this label in a range of Label Value Kits.


Delivery Information

Will Stick On Labels work in the dishwasher?

Yes, Stick On Labels will stay stuck to most containers in the dishwasher. Please refer to the video tutorial on this product page to see how to apply your labels correctly.

What can Stick On Labels be used on?

Stick On Labels can be easily stuck to most of your kid’s things, such as plastic bottles and containers. Being 100% waterproof they’re safe to use on most containers in dishwashers, sterilisers, microwaves and freezers.

Surface Notes: Some Tupperware plastics or plastics with bumps, ridges or frosted surfaces may not be compatible especially if you need them to be cleaned in your dishwasher. Although frosted surfaces may appear smooth, they actually have lots of little bumps that allow air and water to get under the label and may peel off.

What material are Stick On Labels made from?

Stick On Labels are made from the best quality permanent vinyl that is printed with a durable ink, to make them withstand the toughest conditions. They're designed with rounded edges that make them stay stuck without peeling for years.


Date: Friday, 10th March

Pencil Labels


No more lost pencils at school!

Date: Thursday, 9th March

Good for tweens


My son loves it!

Date: Tuesday, 31st January

Best on market


Our first lot of pencil labels lasted the whole year and looked fantastic until the end. Just ordered our next batch and they look just as fantastic.

Date: Saturday, 28th January

Best Labels


These are the best labels. Easy to use. We use them on everything for school and daycare

Date: Monday, 23rd January

Best on the market!


These labels are easily my favourite on the market! Bright, slick, easy to use, long lasting - my kids love them and so do I!

Date: Sunday, 22nd January



Great quality 100% will buy again

Date: Wednesday, 18th January

Great Labels


Such a handy little label, not only for pencils but heaps of other things too.
The quality is great, as with all the labels from Bright Star Kids :)

Date: Wednesday, 28th December

Great size


The perfect size stick on label for all the pencil case items.

Date: Monday, 26th December

handy labels

lauren kang w

Labels look great and can't have enough of them.

Date: Thursday, 15th December

Super functionality, great value for money


Great ease of application, strong holding power, very attractive, value for money.

Date: Sunday, 11th December

Excellent Best Buy


These labels make life just so much easier when it comes to name my children's stationery for school. It helps them to also quickly identify their belongings. I also use them on food containers as well.

Date: Tuesday, 1st November

well worth it


I can't believe how well they stick...And how long lasting they are.

Date: Friday, 14th October

Love the colour options


Perfect size, will never lose another pencil

Date: Friday, 30th September

Love them..


The description was spot on and the price is good.

Date: Monday, 19th September



Never peels off and cheapest pencil labels I've come across!

Date: Tuesday, 6th September

Very useful and practical


Very practical to use for lunch boxes, water bottle or accessories at school. Easy to recognise the label. I used it to my two daughters and they love it.

Date: Thursday, 25th August



Great product, Durable and a perfect size for a variety of items. Also stick very well and never come off. Fun colours, fonts.

Date: Tuesday, 9th August

Always handy!


Always handy. Multi purpose. So good I had to get more. Thanks!

Date: Tuesday, 5th July

Handy little extras


I've first bought Bright Star Kids labels back when they used to give these tiny pencil labels as a thank-you bonus to customers and I regularly repurchased partly because of this.

Date: Sunday, 10th April

Absolutely fantastic


Saves so much time labelling!

Date: Thursday, 31st March



This size is perfect for the multitude of pencils and textas my child needs for school. They don't come off either. Great product.

Date: Wednesday, 16th March

Love our labels!!!

Archer and Cullen

So easy to use, we can label all our own stuff for school without mum or dad's help!

Date: Friday, 26th February

Perfect for all those school items!


These are fantastic for all those small school items to help them not get lost! Great price and hard wearing, would recommend to all parents.

Date: Tuesday, 23rd February

Great value


These tiny labels are great value. I love that I can label all the stationary for school and also use for other products that need small labels.

Date: Sunday, 21st February

Perfect size


Just the right size for pencils and easy enough for my daughter to put them on herself. Once they are stuck on they stay put too. Excellent.

Date: Wednesday, 17th February

Great product


Perfect for school pencils

Date: Tuesday, 16th February

Easy to use


Great for the new school term

Date: Monday, 15th February

Perfect for labelling containers / dishes


I've used these for years. This time around I bought some for my mum and sister-in-law to use. We use them to label our containers and utensils so that when we all get together for gatherings there's no confusion as to who the containers / dishes belong to.

Date: Monday, 15th February

These are awesome!


We love these labels! Perfect size for pencils, pens and all small things that need labels like scissors and pencil sharpeners.

Date: Saturday, 13th February

Great label


love this product, really durable

Date: Friday, 12th February

Quality product and awesome price!!


Quality product and awesome price!! Good quality stickers, bright and good size.

Date: Friday, 12th February

Great product


I love these little name labels. I also use them inside dancing shoes or on small containers - or lids for containers.

Date: Friday, 12th February

Best Labels


These labels are our favourite labels by far. Excellent quality and fantastic sticking power!

Date: Thursday, 11th February

Awesome packs available, excellent quality :)


Great packs of sticker, and popping colours, feels great to be organised, even got in early and ordered stickers for next year

Date: Thursday, 11th February



Absolutely fantastic quality and great price!!!!

Date: Thursday, 11th February



The BEST labels to use, excellent quality, they stay in and are easy to read. The kids love the cool pictures!

Date: Thursday, 11th February



These labels are the best pencil labels to use, excellent quality!

Date: Thursday, 11th February

Easy to apply


Easy to apply and stick well even when you put them on crookedly. Great quality.

Date: Thursday, 11th February

Awesome product!!


These make back to school so much easier! Fast delivery and doesn't break the budget.

Date: Wednesday, 10th February

Love them


Love them I buy them every year. Great quality

Date: Monday, 8th February

Great stuff


Super fast delivery, great quality. Just what I needed.

Date: Friday, 5th February

Great Quality


Fantastic item quick and wasy to pop onto pencils

Date: Friday, 5th February

They are fantastic


I got a set of these for each of my kids and love them I will be getting them again next year. They are reposition-able if you if you stick them on crooked at first but after a while they don't come off, they are incredibly hard after that initial period to lift from the corners. I should have ordered more but I will know for next year :). Very happy with my purchase.

Date: Friday, 5th February

Love, love, love!


My favourite labels on the market! Small, discreet, easy to apply, long lasting and available in a rainbow of colours! Easily the best value labels out there.

Date: Friday, 5th February

The best labels you'll find - anywhere!


Love these tiny pencil labels so much! Easy to apply, long lasting and they come a huge range of colours that my kids love. My favourite thing about them is that my daughter can read her own name on her own stationery supplies!

Date: Wednesday, 3rd February

These labels are so easy to use and do not come off. Such a life saver in a household with 3 school children.


These labels are so easy to use and do not come off. Such a life saver in a household with 3 school children.

Date: Tuesday, 2nd February

They don't come off!


Great product, very happy with how well they adhere to everything. Pencils, sharpeners, rulers, no more losing my child's stationery!

Date: Tuesday, 2nd February

Life saver


Made my life so much easier labelling my kids equipment during a hectic school holidays

Date: Tuesday, 2nd February

Love this item


Now my boys are older I find this item suits everything they need labeled. It stays on their stuff for the whole year.

Date: Tuesday, 2nd February

Loving these labels


This is my first purchase of these labels and they are so cute and easy. I wish I had been using these for the last 6 years that I have been labelling school supplies! Would definitely purchase again.

Date: Tuesday, 2nd February

Not just for pencils!


These smaller labels are so versatile, I use them not just for pencils but for a stack of other things - USB sticks, small yoghurt and fruit containers, flashlights; you name it, I label it! I sometimes cut them down to size a smaller object and they stay stuck as long as if I hadn't. A very good value sticker and so handy when the larger label won't fit. Added bonus is labelling pencils with these takes so long, kids love the activity and keeps them amused for ages! :-)

Date: Monday, 1st February

Pencil labels


Fantastic size and quality

Date: Sunday, 31st January

Great top up!


We already had labels left over from last years order, however my daughter needed more than 80 pencils this year so the tiny labels sure came in handy!

Date: Friday, 29th January

Super easy


My go to labels for pencils, small stationery and cutlery!

Date: Thursday, 28th January

Very handy!!


Love these and will definitely be purchasing again. Very good quality and size and fit all of the kids stationary for school.

Date: Thursday, 28th January

Great labels


These look great easy to apply and look so professional!!

Date: Wednesday, 27th January



Love these labels they go on so many different things. Makes school so much easier

Date: Tuesday, 26th January



Perfect for pencils and so so so much more!!! Very handy and a great price too

Date: Monday, 25th January



These labels are really lasting even though they are tiny. Others that I have bought from other companies curled at times or dropped off easily.

Date: Sunday, 24th January



Great product, easy to use and labels stay stuck all year!

Date: Saturday, 23rd January

F avorite product


These are my most favorite product we use these for newly everything not just pencils, but when required a label but not big enough for a small label.

Date: Saturday, 23rd January



Most hardy name labels I have ever used!

Date: Friday, 22nd January

awesome !


just ordered this one for my 2nd kid. can't wait to get it as we're very happy with the ones that my eldest had !

Date: Friday, 22nd January

Very happy with this product!


Great product! I have used these for the past 5 years and have been very happy with them. Having points to redeem really helps to keep the cost down!

Date: Tuesday, 19th January



These have proven over the 4 years of having kids at school, to be THE best investment I've made. I use them for everything not just pencils.

Date: Monday, 18th January

amazing life


Pencils and textas will wear out before these labels come off! Great for many things not just pencils ☺

Date: Sunday, 17th January

very versatile and good value


very versatile and good value!!!

Date: Sunday, 17th January

very versatile and good value


These labels are very versatile and good value!!!!

Date: Sunday, 17th January

Great product


These labels are great, very versatile and hard wearing. Have ordered these twice now, always great value.

Date: Sunday, 17th January



I love these labels. They are the perfect size for pencils but also go great as a name label on books and other items. They last the full school year without any peeling and the colours are very vibrant. I have 3 daughters so I just get labels with our last name so they can be used on everyone's stuff rather than ordering multiple sets.

Date: Sunday, 17th January

Great value back to school must have


Ordered them last year for the first time, back again for more. Great product, fantastic price and they last

Date: Saturday, 16th January

Making Labelling Fun!


These tiny labels aren't just for pencils! You can put them just about anywhere you wish so versatile!

Date: Thursday, 14th January

Great quality


Those lables have such bright colours, great quality.

Date: Wednesday, 13th January

Fantastic quality


Great for pencils and so much more. We use them on most things that kiddo brings into daycare/kindergarten. The quality is fantastic. No peeling or fading even on items that are regularly washed (e.g. water bottles, toothbrush). This is my third or fourth order!

Date: Wednesday, 13th January

Excellent product


Absolutely love this product. Who would have thought that labelling 144 pencils and textas would have been so easy. I have just ordered more!

Date: Monday, 11th January

Excellent value and size


Perfect for school

Date: Monday, 11th January

What you see is What you Get! PERFECT!!


Excellent item, Exactly what I was after. These labels have cut my time in half. Size and colour as shown. Super Quick delivery (clearly before school peak) Would definitely order this item again.

Date: Friday, 8th January

worth it


Wonderful product, stayed on my daughters pencils etc the whole year.

Date: Wednesday, 6th January

Brilliant and convient


I have been using these pencil name labels for many years, my children's private school requests that each individual pencil, wind up crayon, and texta are named, thus these labels have been a god send. So much so I told my children's school about the products avail from this company and they have now set up a fundraising fund with bright star kids.

Date: Monday, 4th January

So good I got some more


Such a great product I now order them every year for school products!

Date: Sunday, 3rd January

Quick and easy


Makes labeling pencils, textas quick and easy that the kids can actually do it themselves

Date: Saturday, 2nd January



Perfect for those pencils, and never wear, peel off or fade. A must have.

Date: Sunday, 27th December

Small but stay on


Though small, these labels are clear to read and stay on, so we use them for other items besides pencils now.

Date: Tuesday, 22nd December

Excellent - again!


Love the ease of these labels. Make it so much easier and fun for the kids to help get ready for the new school year. Great choice of colours as well.

Date: Monday, 21st December



Love these labels, makes back to school labelling a lot easier.

Date: Thursday, 17th December

Excellent Labels


I put these labels on my kids pens/pencils at the beginning of the year and they have come home intact - no peeling. Great product!

Date: Wednesday, 16th December

Definetly worth buying this school year


The labels are hardy and last longer that the actual pencil does. Love these labels, they come in handy for many other things too (on sunglass arms, tennis racquets).

Date: Tuesday, 15th December



Such a durable and everlasting product. Shame the pencils need replacing.

Date: Tuesday, 15th December

Cant get any better


Cant get any better. Perfect for labelling all my kids back to school gear.

Date: Monday, 14th December



Exactly what is needed for all of those pencils and textas. Will order every year.

Date: Sunday, 13th December



Very handy and durable labels.

Date: Thursday, 10th December

A must have!


Perfect for teens who don't want the pictures on the name label. Great size fits on all the small fiddly items. A must have!

Date: Sunday, 6th December

Great Size for Pencils


These great quality labels and the perfect size for pencils!

Date: Tuesday, 1st December

Great for small spaces


Subtle and effective for teenagers!

Date: Tuesday, 24th November



Great service as always, great item, never any problems. Quick post, ready for the next school year already.

Date: Tuesday, 24th November



Love these labels for my kiddies pencils and pens! My kids come home at the end of the year, less missing items, and labels firmly attached! Love love love

Date: Tuesday, 24th November

Very pretty

Sin Ning

Got these for my adult colouring pencils.. Just love to have my stuff named.. They make they look so pretty.. They also work well on my mugs and teapot I left at work.

Date: Monday, 16th November

Perfect for the job


Awesome quality. Durable and perfect for the job.

Date: Thursday, 5th November

Built to last!


Fantastic size for labelling pencils, textas and crayons. Stay on all year round! Have now purchased some for my next child starting school next year :)

Date: Monday, 12th October

Lasts many washes


Stays on through daily washes of drink and baby bottles and also text does not fade. Kids love selecting colour and picture.

Date: Monday, 12th October

Great for small plastics


These are great for dummies, small lids, baby and drink bottle tops and other small plastic items for child care and school

Date: Sunday, 11th October

Great Product


Purchased many times before. Never come off pencils unless you want them to.

Date: Saturday, 10th October

Great for any items


Really great for many items such as baby bottle lids and bits and pieces when going to daycare, they stay on forever.

Date: Saturday, 5th September

Great products


These labels are great for back to school. They stay on the whole year, and your supplies don't get lost. My Kindergarten student was able to reuse multiple things from last year thanks to them being labeled!

Date: Monday, 31st August

Great product I keep reordering for the next grandchild

Karen Fitzgerald

Great product I keep reordering for the next grandchild

Date: Saturday, 29th August

These stickers are the fastest way of labelling fiddly little things like pens, pencils and crayons.


Makes preparation for the start of the school year bearable.

Date: Sunday, 9th August

High quality labels


These labels are excellent and they're the only labels I will purchase now. I've tried labels from other companies but since our purchasing bright star labels, I haven't looked back! These are the best labels by far!

Date: Wednesday, 8th July

Handy little labels :)


Love these labels, the size makes them very versatile to stick on all kinds of things! They are great quality too and look great.

Date: Monday, 6th July

Good quality - they really last


These are the only brand I buy as in my experience, they are the only ones that last.

Date: Sunday, 5th July

Wonderful labels


We use it almost for everything both for daycare and big school. Wonderful colour and designs.

Date: Sunday, 5th July

Great product


Great product. Doesn't peel n suits heaps of different objects.

Date: Thursday, 2nd July

I love how they stick to anything and stay put!


I love how they stick to anything and stay put!
I have labelled all of my craft stuff so I don't loose anything when at craft workshops!!!

Date: Wednesday, 1st July

Excellent product


Perfect size for textas or pencils.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

Tiny Pencils

Varenya Ganesh

They are extremely useful and fun to stick on to tiny things. You can never forget where you've left it after you have stuck the label on. It is a great item.

Date: Thursday, 16th October

A timesaver

E Villa

Very cute and easy to use labels. Used on small school items (pencils, pens, sharpeners etc) and saved a lot of time!

Date: Thursday, 16th October

They last til the pencil runs out!

karen milligan

I got these for my daughter when she started school, she is going into her 3rd school year, the name stickers are still on her pencils and she hasn


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